Monthly Archives: December 2010

A letter to Kevin Cardiff, Secretary General with the Department of Finance

We felt compelled to seek an explanation of the change in rules surrounding Section 23 properties in the recent budget. This is effectively retrospective taxation and the changes were never set out or implied in the original contracts for the properties. Changing tax law after the fact is generally considered bad policy, and in some […]

Important notice for ARF clients

People who have an Approved Retirement Fund (ARF) must take an additional 2% distribution from their fund as the minimum is now 5% instead of 3%

Comical Lenny

A humorous video ‘Comical Lenny’ which makes a parody of the Irish Minister of Finance and Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf

Sunday Times – to fix or not with Jill Kerby

Jill Kerby, the widely known Personal Finance columnist with the Sunday Times mentioned our company in her piece last week about fixing a mortgage or not. ‘I asked Karl Deeter of Irish Mortgage Brokers for his view. He believes that fixing for three years at the rate of 3.89% you’ve been offered by AIB is a good deal. At just 0.2 points higher than the two-year rate, he reckons it is a premium worth paying.’

How does a pay cut affect the Taoiseach?

How does budget 2011 affect the Taoiseach? We look at Brian Cowen’s wages and how the new budget will affect him, he opted for a €14,000 pay cut but that only translates into half of that amount.

Irish Times- To Fix or Not to Fix?

The Irish Times ran a story by Caroline Madden with a focus on mortgages called ‘To Fix or Not to Fix’, it featured our operations manager Karl Deeter and the points mentioned were that banks will increase variable rates in 2011 and that it is getting harder to protect your mortgage with a fixed rate due to pricing.

How is money created?

Irish Independent: Tracker Mortgages to escape rate hikes until 2012

Tracker mortgages may not see any increase in price until 2012 according to Charlie Weston of the Irish Independent

Irish Independent: mention our firm ‘Deferred interest scheme ‘Doomed to Fail”

The Deferred Interest Scheme which was launched by the Expert Group on Mortgage Arrears is ‘Doomed to Fail’ says the Irish Independent and Karl Deeter of and Irish Mortgage Brokers

Tax Refunds for PAYE workers

You can claim back taxes from for up to 4yrs previous. PAYE tax refunds must be completed by 31st December