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Spoofery on property tax

Almost everybody who isn’t a politician agrees that politicians lie. Actual politicians don’t see it that way, the see it as being forced to accept a series of working realities which unveils the way the system ‘actually works’ versus how we would ‘like it to work’. The truth is that in effect they do lie when you compare election promises to results, but they don’t do it with total intent.

But sometimes they do, and we are seeing that with our proposed property tax which is a clear demonstration of lap-dog leaders who want nothing more than to be ‘box tickers’ for the troika. You see, we are being told that ‘no decision has been made’, but that is contrary to the facts surrounding the debate once you do some digging.

Tax deadline changed to Midnight on the 16th of November

The normal cut off date for tax returns is the 31st of October unless you do the return electronically via Revenue Online Service (ROS) in which case it is today. However (and we never found out why) Revenue have recently determined that the 16th of November will instead be the final date. This means that anybody who has non-PAYE income to declare for 2010 still has a little time left to make the return on time.

If you don’t you’ll face a 5% surcharge on the tax bill up to December after which the surcharge rises to 10%. If you get the surcharge it means your rate of tax effectively rises by 10% (not absolute, but relative ie: 20% goes to 22%, 41% goes to 45%)

News of the World: Taxing times, all about the Revenue Commissioners.

The headline this week is from the famous quote that ‘the only sure things in life are death and taxes’. We have looked at death in the past from the perspective of Life Assurance, this week it’s about taxes – and more importantly, what to do if you can’t pay them or if you are not sure about your taxes. The good news is that the Revenue Commissioners in Ireland are a fairly effective bunch and the people there are well briefed and effective (this is no surprise as their duty is to make sure everybody pays up!). Revenue are well aware of the state of the economy, and that business

Sunday Independent: Personal debt crisis will be country’s next body blow

We were delighted to get mentioned in the Sunday Independent, a paper that has over 1,000,000 readers. The piece was by Daniel McConnell and was titled ‘Personal debt crisis will be country’s next body blow’.

P35 Deadline coming on the 15th of February 2011

P35 Deadline coming on the 15th of February 2011. A P35 is a return which must be submitted by all employers who employ staff on the PAYE system. It covers the period from 1 January to 31 December 2010

News of the World: What a pain in the cheque! 23rd January 2011

This week we covered the changes to income tax that were brought about by the upcoming Finance Act 2011, primarily the people affected are in the lower end of the earnings spectrum – we have a table to show the changes that it makes. The good news is that we also gave News of the World readers a way to strike back: Tax returns! 70% of workers are actually due tax back at the end of the year and yet only 5% of them make a tax return to claim back that money. Information and instructions are in the article.

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) deadline, 31st December

Capital Gains Tax: deadline for payment is 31st December, a post by advisors.ie accountants and financial planners in Dublin, Ireland