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TV3 The Morning Show, Personal Finance – Health & Life insurance

We were really pleased to be back in the studio with Sybil & Martin to talk about health and life insurance, in particular some of the peculiarities of both; for instance – did you know that men are covered for pregnancy in Irish health insurance contracts?

Sun on Sunday: Promissory notes, property investors and Q & A

We are pleased to be writing for the Sun on Sunday, we think that taking high finance to people on the street in an easy to understand format in plain English is noble work, we hope you enjoy the column and are glad with the big number of questions we are now getting every week.

Sun on Sunday, we are part of the new team! With the Mr. Money column!

We are delighted to let you know that we are doing the personal finance and money column in the new Sun on Sunday. The column is called Mr. Money (taken from the UK one of the same name) and every week we’ll be covering financial topics, personal finance and answering readers questions.

The most recent edition is here, we look forward to keeping you up to date with everything as the new Sun on Sunday goes from strength to strength.

Sunday paper mentions 11th March 2012, Sunday Times (x2) & Sunday Business Post

We were quoted in three separate articles in the Sunday papers this week.

The Sunday Times mentioned the report we did with on property prices for investors (here), the full report is available over on on the blog (here). Our view is that for investors there is still not a highly compelling reason to get into property.

TV3 The Morning Show: Health Insurance

This month on the personal finance piece with TV3’s ‘The Morning Show’ we looked at Health Insurance.

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