Sunday paper mentions 11th March 2012, Sunday Times (x2) & Sunday Business Post

We were quoted in three separate articles in the Sunday papers this week.

The Sunday Times mentioned the report we did with on property prices for investors (here), the full report is available over on on the blog (here). Our view is that for investors there is still not a highly compelling reason to get into property.

The Sunday Business Post mentioned our firm in relation to a mortgage finance story (here). Apparently the pillar banks are hoping to start lending more in order to put credit into the market & stop prices from falling rapidly and further. Personally I don’t buy that and said as much too. If this was an actual ‘plan’ it needs some revision!

Then the Sunday Times mentioned us again in a story by Eddie Lennon about Repayment Protection Policies (here), where we were quoted as calling them ‘dogs’ (the policies), which we stand by, they are expensive and unpopular in our firm.