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Irish Times: What first time buyers want…

We were mentioned recently in the Irish Times by Frances O’Rourke in a piece about first time buyers. Mortgage broker Karl Deeter is just as certain of the trend towards houses: “The overwhelming majority of our clients, over 90 per cent, are not looking to buy apartments.” He doesn’t think people are – or should – make a decision to buy on the basis that their mortgage repayments would be similar to their rents. Many people will stretch a little to pay the mortgage on a house they plan to live in forever “or at least the foreseeable future”. (He also reminds would-be buyers that mortgages taken out next year will get a reduced rate of mortgage interest tax relief before it disappears after 2012.

Tonight with Vincent Brown

TV3, The Morning Show – Personal Finance piece

Our personal finance piece on The Morning Show with Sybil & Martin focused on Credit Unions this week and the fact that they need one billion Euro to stay afloat.

Karl Deeter on the Keane Report, RTE 9 O’Clock News

We were happy to comment on this piece by Martina Fitzgerald of RTE

Property Crash – Where to Now? RTE 1, 11th October 2011

We were delighted to take part in this show, the full show can be viewed on the RTE player (we just put up the clip we are in!).

RTE News on personal debt

We were pleased to be featured in a piece by RTE 6 News about personal insolvency