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RTE 1 O’Clock News: ECB rate meeting

We were pleased to feature on the RTE 1 O’Clock news to talk about interest rates and the near term outlook as well as the effects that any change might have on Irish households. Rates remained unchanged at the most recent ECB meeting but that is widely expected to be a short term decision with a rate hike in July expected.

Daily Star and Irish Daily Mail stories

Karl Deeter of Advisors.ie was mentioned in two papers, his commentary was via his role as Operations Manager with Irish Mortgage Brokers

Irish Times: Mortgage holders take a hit

“It is probably going to be the first of several moves but how close those moves come together and how aggressive those moves are is something that remains to be seen,” said financial analyst and mortgage adviser Karl Deeter.

News of the World: Money expert on Debt

IRELAND is in payback mode at the moment. As a country we’re experiencing “deleveraging”, which means that many people are using most of their money to pay back excessive borrowing. However, that practice only puts cash into the banking system and not the real economy.

The Morning show with Sybil and Martin on TV3, monthly Property Slot with Karl Deeter & Angela Keegan

We were delighted to feature again on TV’s ‘The Morning Show with Sybil and Martin’ (although Brian was sitting in for Martin) on their monthly property slot.
This week we spoke about the necessity of price drops to get a property sold, it is likely the single most important factor, it is also overlooked that there is often a carry cost or opportunity cost loss if sellers don’t drop prices.

Mortgage providers to restrict rural loans

Mortgage broker Karl Deeter of Irish Mortgage Brokers said lenders were now discriminating against those seeking loans to buy property in rural areas.
“If you are not buying in Dublin, Cork, Limerick or Galway cities they do not want to know. This is all part of a growing trend to discriminate against properties outside of the cities,” Mr Deeter said.

Irish Examiner: Homeowners face a 1% interest rate hike in 2011

We were quoted in the Irish Examiner today in an article by Niamh Hennessy, extract is below.

“The Irish Mortgage Brokers expect banks to push up interest rates by another 1% this year. Any move would add €1,280 a year to a €200,000, 25-year loan. They said rate increases may start this month.

Irish Times- To Fix or Not to Fix?

The Irish Times ran a story by Caroline Madden with a focus on mortgages called ‘To Fix or Not to Fix’, it featured our operations manager Karl Deeter and the points mentioned were that banks will increase variable rates in 2011 and that it is getting harder to protect your mortgage with a fixed rate due to pricing.