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A flat line that bodes well for property

(this article is taken from Karl Deeter’s original article in the Sunday Business Post 4th September 2016) Property prices are on an upward spiral, and no one, including the government, can stop them An explanation is not an endorsement, so the cries of ‘unfair’ when I try to explain that there is a very high […] a new service to help people with debt problems

        We are pleased to bring a new service to the Irish market in the form of While we have worked in the debt mediation space for several years, we have not been able to offer bankruptcy as a solution because it falls between several professions (although it is primarily a […]

Eastern Promise

This article first appeared in the Sun on Sunday on the 28th of July 2013 As it is the month of Ramadan I thought it would be worth talking about Islam, and to make it relevant the way that Islamic Finance or ‘Sharia compliant finance’ works. It may seem strange at first (and this may […]

Why do we keep making the same mistakes? From one bubble to another…

Almost everybody knows a person who is in a less than ideal relationship and who says to themselves ‘why do they stay with that person?’. There is no simple answer, but then again, how can we be dumbfounded in particular when we suffer the same delusion in general? You see, the same problems haunt us […]

RTE News – Insolvency Service receiving 100 calls a day

RTE News – Insolvency Service receiving 100 calls a day

The Insider on TV3’s ‘Morning Show’, on Debt Settlement Arrangements

This week we looked at using debt settlement arrangements to solve over indebtedness with mortgages instead of personal insolvency and how best to do it.

The Insider – handing back the keys

This week ‘The Insider’ looked at the pro’s and cons of ‘handing back the keys’.

Dealing with debt, how it actually works…

Currently you could say the world is divided into the ‘haves’ the ‘have nots’ and the ‘have not paid for what they haves’. Today I’ll explain how to deal with debt when you run into problems, to do this I interviewed a few trusted sources who work as actual collectors. This is such a huge topic that I’ll break it down into two halves, this week we look at the early stages of arrears. Getting into financial trouble doesn’t always come with a bang, often you drift into it over time due to paycuts, higher taxes and spent savings. This is our first area, it’s called ‘pre-arrears’ and it gets very little little attention.

Debt Settlement Agreements may be more popular than insolvencies

We are often dealing with people who have problems with banks and in the past we used to try to reason with the lenders and often our clients would be told ‘no’ to what we thought were reasonable and realistic plans.

TV3 The Morning Show on mortgage tax relief, bank bailouts and putting the cost in perspective

TV3 The Morning Show on mortgage tax relief, bank bailouts and putting the cost in perspective