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Change of tax year end likely to remain the same

Today we heard that there were a number of concessions made in the passing of the Finance Act to committee stage, and one of them was to be the year end being kept the same – 31st of October rather than bringing it forward to the end of September.

What is the new economic reality? Davos 2011

Davos Annual Meeting 2011, panel discussion

News of the World: What a pain in the cheque! 23rd January 2011

This week we covered the changes to income tax that were brought about by the upcoming Finance Act 2011, primarily the people affected are in the lower end of the earnings spectrum – we have a table to show the changes that it makes. The good news is that we also gave News of the World readers a way to strike back: Tax returns! 70% of workers are actually due tax back at the end of the year and yet only 5% of them make a tax return to claim back that money. Information and instructions are in the article.

News of the World: Featuring Karl Deeter from

Our debut column for News of the World featured in last Sunday’s paper. We were delighted with the feedback, if you missed the piece you can find a copy of it here. We covered mortgages – a comfortable first topic because is a sister company of Irish Mortgage Brokers – but in the future we will cover every manner of personal finance you can think of!

Mortgage providers to restrict rural loans

Mortgage broker Karl Deeter of Irish Mortgage Brokers said lenders were now discriminating against those seeking loans to buy property in rural areas.
“If you are not buying in Dublin, Cork, Limerick or Galway cities they do not want to know. This is all part of a growing trend to discriminate against properties outside of the cities,” Mr Deeter said.

Mortgage Rates set to Increase (PTsb)

This is likely to lead to other institutions following suit, according to Karl Deeter, operations manager with Irish Mortgage Brokers. “In the past it has tended that one institutional move, and then all of the others follow within a short amount of time,” he said.

Banks to abolish fixed-rate mortgages in bid to cut costs

“Banks and building societies are planning to abolish fixed-rate mortgages because they are too expensive for lenders to provide, according to a leading mortgage expert. Banks would prefer to have borrowers on products with variable rates, which can be increased whenever lenders want, according to Karl Deeter of Irish Mortgage Brokers — who correctly predicted last year’s rises in variable rates.

TV3 ‘The Morning Show with Sybil & Martin’ features Karl Deeter

We were delighted to be part of TV3’s ‘The Morning Show, with Sybil & Martin‘. We are fans of the show and enjoy the relaxed nature of the conversational commentary style they are so adept at. In this clip we spoke about the costs of finance and the potential removal of fixed rates, while Marian Finnegan (of SherryFitzgerald) covers housing, her background is in urban economics and she lectured at both NUIG and UL before moving to SherryFitzgerald. We hope you enjoy the clip. team up with News of the World

We are delighted to announce that we will be teaming up with the Irish News of the World in their money advice section ‘Irelands Money Saving Expert’, this is a welcome opportunity to share our financial know how with upwards of 130,000 readers across the nation. We hope you enjoy our pieces and find the information useful, if you have a personal finance query then be sure to email it to us and we can use it in the column (anonymity assured).

Banks planning to scrap fixed rates? (RTE coverage)

RTE Business news covered a story that appeared in the Independent, the story was based upon our sister company’s report (Irish Mortgage Brokers) in which it was forecast that fixed rates may cease to exist this year because of funding pressures in the banks.