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The Insider – handing back the keys

This week ‘The Insider’ looked at the pro’s and cons of ‘handing back the keys’.

Irish Examiner: Opinion piece on Debt Forgiveness

We had a piece in today’s Examiner on the topic of Debt Forgiveness, see below: ‘Debt forgiveness’ is an undefined expression, we have no commonly held interpretation of what it is. For that reason the debate rages as to whether it can occur or not; but without definition the argument cannot advance.
On one side you have household name economists and on another you have Fine Gaels Briay Hayes (Minister of State at the Department of Finance) saying it is an impossibility along with most of the banks.

Sunday Times: Buy to fret

We were pleased to get a mention in the Sunday Times article by Kathy Foley called ‘buy to fret’. You can find her on Twitter too! We don’t often find such a candid quote as the last part of the mention we got! “The banks are all saying investors have to be first to give up the ghost,” said Karl Deeter, of Irish Mortgage Brokers. “They will lean heavily on them and get a judgment because they didn’t do what the bigger people do and isolate the loan, buying the property through a limited company. “Nobody feels any sympathy for them.

State mortgage aid up five-fold in four years

Karl Deeter of Irish Mortgage Brokers has warned that expected interest rate hikes this year will push even more householders to the edge. “I can’t see how they (number of applicants) won’t rise because it’s becoming more popular and more necessary,” he said. “The scheme is in place to help you get over the hump, in the hope that you’ll get back to work soon. “But the end result is that there will be more people on it come the end of the year as interest rates go up and unemployment rises.”