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TV3 Morning Show -The working poor…

On this segment we discussed the ‘working poor’ and how it occurs due to taxation, wage cuts, debt and rising costs.

P35 Deadline coming on the 15th of February 2011

P35 Deadline coming on the 15th of February 2011. A P35 is a return which must be submitted by all employers who employ staff on the PAYE system. It covers the period from 1 January to 31 December 2010

News of the World: Life Assurance

We did a piece about life assurance for the Irish News of the World on the 30th of January.

The main thrust of the piece was to impress upon readers that life assurance is either not important, or very important indeed depending on your circumstances and family life. The other question is about how much you need – for that we advise using a professional who can work this out for you, we also disclosed how to get the ‘under the table’ prices by using a broker.

A letter to Kevin Cardiff, Secretary General with the Department of Finance

We felt compelled to seek an explanation of the change in rules surrounding Section 23 properties in the recent budget. This is effectively retrospective taxation and the changes were never set out or implied in the original contracts for the properties. Changing tax law after the fact is generally considered bad policy, and in some […]

Irish Times- To Fix or Not to Fix?

The Irish Times ran a story by Caroline Madden with a focus on mortgages called ‘To Fix or Not to Fix’, it featured our operations manager Karl Deeter and the points mentioned were that banks will increase variable rates in 2011 and that it is getting harder to protect your mortgage with a fixed rate due to pricing.

C45 tax

C45 tax, what is it? How does it work? And what effect does it have on the construction industry? Let Advisors.ie explain it all in plain simple English