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It isn’t too early to file a form 11

You can file your 2014 income tax return at any time after the 1st of January 2015. This can be done via an accountant who will likely use ROS (the Revenue Online Service), or you can do it yourself at the website by using PAYE anytime. People often leave their tax returns until the […]

Basic income

The idea of ‘basic income’ is one in which people have an income that should provide for minimal standards, it isn’t to be confused with welfare, this is something that would ideally replace welfare.

Tonight with Vincent Browne: Budget night 2015

This is Karl Deeter’s contribution to the Vincent Browne show on TV3 the night of Budget 2015.

The indirect road to success

We thought it would be nice to share this infographic which shows that success isn’t a straight line!

Tracker options are window dressing in a broken market

This originally appeared in the Sunday Business Post on the 6th of July 2014 Most of the “move your tracker” options are window dressing when you look at the potential impact on the credit market. Banks are allowing a person to ‘move their tracker’, which shows that you can shift it around, but they wouldn’t […]

RTE Morning Edition: Newspaper Review

We were asked to do a review of the newspapers on RTE’s Morning Edition with Keelin Shanley.

RTE Morning Edition

Talking Point with Sarah Carey on the relevance of Unions

We were on Talking Point with Sarah Carey on Newstalk 106 on Saturday talking about the relevance of Trade Unions in modern Ireland.

Eastern Promise

This article first appeared in the Sun on Sunday on the 28th of July 2013 As it is the month of Ramadan I thought it would be worth talking about Islam, and to make it relevant the way that Islamic Finance or ‘Sharia compliant finance’ works. It may seem strange at first (and this may […]

Hammer time! How to buy at an auction

Property auctions are growing in popularity in Ireland, driven primarily by companies like Allsop’s who have revolutionised the Irish auction market. We always had auctions but there were never guaranteed clearing prices and there was still issues like high asking prices which if not met meant the property didn’t sell. The whole area of private […]