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TV3 Morning Show 20th June 2012

We spoke to Martin King and Claire Brock (covering for Sybil) about property prices because Moody’s said prices would drop 20% while the ESRI said that prices would likely go up in cities.

Sun on Sunday 24th June 2012

We often hear that people in the public sector are overpaid. Typically the argument then turns towards the ‘fat cats’ and then quickly deteriorates into a ‘them’ vs ‘us’ debate, and depending on your employment type you take a certain side.

RTE 9 O’Clock News – 15th June 2012

We were asked to comment on the property market in this piece by Martina Fitzgerald.

Give some people in the public sector a massive bonus

The debate on public pay is largely focused on ‘fat cats’, a research paper by the CSO demonstrates that the biggest premium is actually not at the top but the bottom. The idea that we should ‘rescue’ certain cohorts based on their pay is ill founded, it doesn’t take into account their productivity, their skillset or much else other than an arduous concept that if you don’t earn a lot that you are an innocent victim because of it.