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Making money from the misery of others

Historically, Dublin has benefited from adverse events in Britain. Brexit may be no different, as house prices look set to rise even further if jobs are relocated here Hardly a week goes by that we don’t decry the feasting of ‘vultures’ on Irish assets and how they have benefited from our misery. Yet, when we […]

Boom or bubble? What is happening in Irish property?

There is a lot of talk that we have a ‘property bubble forming’, with virtually no supply, a growing population and a trend towards smaller households as things like separation and divorce become more common, it simply lacks ‘bubble’ qualifications. But it does have ‘boom’ written all over it, we have had many such booms […]

The Morning Show – Property Prices and KBC banks, Wednesday, 23 January 2013

We were back on the Morning Show talking about property price and market trends

TV3 The Morning Show on mortgage tax relief, bank bailouts and putting the cost in perspective

TV3 The Morning Show on mortgage tax relief, bank bailouts and putting the cost in perspective

Great time for property (unless you already bought in the boom)

Recent surveys have indicated that there is a strong support towards buying a house, a whopping four out of five in a Millward Brown Lansdowne survey thought now is a good time to buy. This is on the back of a recent CSO statistic showing prices have didn’t change in March and in Dublin that they rose.

RTE News at 9 on CSO Property statistics

In this clip we gave some opinion on the property and credit market, and how it is affecting prices.

Property Crash – Where to Now? RTE 1, 11th October 2011

We were delighted to take part in this show, the full show can be viewed on the RTE player (we just put up the clip we are in!).

Sunday Times: Guard against rising rates

e were pleased to get a mention in the Sunday Times article by Niall Brady on the topic of rising costs: Irish Mortgage Brokers: Deeter has opted for Permanent TSB’s 10-year fix of 4.5% for the new home he hopes to move into in six weeks’ time. This is the best long-term fix available, although it will cost considerably more than the tracker loan on Deeter’s current home.

TV3 Morning Show with Sybil and Martin

We were delighted to feature on TV3’s ‘Morning Show with Sybil and Martin’ in their monthly property slot alongside Angela Keegan of MyHome.ie
Karl Deeter discussed the financial aspects of the Irish property market while Angela covered property prices in general.