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It isn’t too early to file a form 11

You can file your 2014 income tax return at any time after the 1st of January 2015. This can be done via an accountant who will likely use ROS (the Revenue Online Service), or you can do it yourself at the website by using PAYE anytime. People often leave their tax returns until the […]

VAT returns for 2012

Just a quick note to remind you all that your VAT returns for the last period of 2012 are due on the 19th of January. This goes for whether you file quarterly, bi-monthly or annually, they all fall due on the 19th if you file electronically

Europe is still a mess…

I know that we are all still reeling from the budget, but we don’t exist in a bubble, how are other countries doing at the moment? According to the OECD they world economy will make a ‘hesitant and uneven recovery over the next two years’, they reckon that Europe will remain in recession until early 2013 with anaemic growth at best next year before moving towards a higher (but still deplorable) growth of 1.4% in 2014.

Give some people in the public sector a massive bonus

The debate on public pay is largely focused on ‘fat cats’, a research paper by the CSO demonstrates that the biggest premium is actually not at the top but the bottom. The idea that we should ‘rescue’ certain cohorts based on their pay is ill founded, it doesn’t take into account their productivity, their skillset or much else other than an arduous concept that if you don’t earn a lot that you are an innocent victim because of it.

Sun on Sunday: Promissory notes, property investors and Q & A

We are pleased to be writing for the Sun on Sunday, we think that taking high finance to people on the street in an easy to understand format in plain English is noble work, we hope you enjoy the column and are glad with the big number of questions we are now getting every week.

Sunday paper mentions 11th March 2012, Sunday Times (x2) & Sunday Business Post

We were quoted in three separate articles in the Sunday papers this week.

The Sunday Times mentioned the report we did with on property prices for investors (here), the full report is available over on on the blog (here). Our view is that for investors there is still not a highly compelling reason to get into property.

Accountancy services in Dublin 2, a list of what we help our clients with. provide B1, CRO reporting, Payroll, P35’s, P30’s, RCT, C45, CT1, Audits, year end accounts, form 11 tax returns and other accountancy and book-keeping or payroll services in Dublin 2.

P35 & RCT deadline approaching – filing 2011 P35 & RCT’s

A p35 is a year end return showing who you employed as an employee during the tax year 2011 (from the 1st of January to the 31st of December). It shows who was employed, their tax number, the USC, PAYE and other taxes deducted. Think of it as a breakdown of your employee payroll for the year.

RTE News: Personal Insolvency Bill

We are delighted at the announcement of the new Personal Insolvency Bill and while there are issues around it (as there would be with any new legislation); on the main we are satisfied that it is fit for purpose and is a big step in the right direction.

RTE News at 9 on CSO Property statistics

In this clip we gave some opinion on the property and credit market, and how it is affecting prices.