Accountancy services in Dublin 2, a list of what we help our clients with.

In general we operate two key services, they are in the areas of administration and reporting.


  • B1 (Company Secretarial) company office/CRO services – this also includes the likes of company formations.
  • CRO reporting (annual returns to Company Registrations Office).
  • Payroll – we offer a full payroll service, smaller employers tend to like this because it makes their lives easier if they don’t have an in-house book keeper to do it for them.


  • Form 11 tax returns: This is for ‘self employed’ people such as sole traders, partners in a partnership, company directors, and people who are PAYE with non PAYE income.
  • CT1: This is the Company Corporation Tax return.
  • RCT: Relevant Contracts Tax – also known as C45’s (if you’ve held one it’s the pink form).
  • P35’s: This is the year end return for an employer.
  • P30: Monthly employer returns to the Revenue Commissioners.
  • Year End Accounts
  • VAT Returns


  • We also hold an auditors certification, so companies that require audit can avail of our service to audit their accounts or other business activities.