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Industrial Revolution Roundtable at the EHES 2011

Fascinating talk at the European Historical Economics Society conference which was held in Dublin this year.

Sunday Business Post: The Insider – recovery without austerity.

We were delighted to be this weeks ‘Insider’ at the Sunday Business Post, we looked at the mortgage market statistics and the idea of recovery without austerity.
The truth is a hard thing to suppress. Last week, we had another stark revelation about the mortgage market after RTE reported that there are now e20 billion in home loans with some level of arrears. That represents about one in six loan accounts.

Bob Allen: Why are some countries rich and others poor?

Branko Milanovic: Mean income & income distribution in the Euro-Mediterranean area between principate & Islamic conquest

Income inequality, is it getting better or worse as time passes by?

There are often strong arguments about the level of income inequality in any modern society, and it is seen as being a fundamentally bad thing (or at least I haven’t heard somebody who is trying to convince the world it is a good thing). However, this issue is not a modern one, and this is demonstrated by looking at the divergence from mean income that one would find in Roman society (see table below).

The Guardian – Negative Equity Insurance is not the answer

Our sister company Irish Mortgage Brokers was mentioned in the Guardian online about ‘negative equity insurance’. Our comment on the piece is below:
“The vendor has to fund this out of their own cashflow,” says Karl Deeter of Irish Mortgage Brokers. So it will only suit those that have a very small mortgage – mainly older people and those that bought long before the peak – because those are the only ones who will make a profit on their property sale. Deeter is sceptical the insurance is the way to kick-start the moribund Irish market. “It’s part of the general medical box but it’s not the cure,” he says. Deeter is of the view that the government needs to bring in a personal insolvency laws urgently, like Chapter 13 in the US AKA, “wage earners bankruptcy”.

Bower & Byrne Construction, Philip & Peter Byrne

This construction company is operated from 37 Balkill Park in Howth. The brothers who run it (Philip & Peter Byrne) are originally from Dunluce Road in Clontarf.

One of our directors has worked with this builder firm in the past; if you are thinking of doing the same please feel free to call us in confidence to discuss the experience.
We would urge you to make this in order to get an independent view of dealing with this company. mentioned in the Sunday Business Post

It is likely the case that deposit rates will start to go into a downward move as the ECB drops its odds of raising rates and as banks seek to find margin (which they can do via lower deposits). This contrasts with the massive funding issues the banks are having (and the country for that matter!), but it is still important to see that a guaranteed 4% plus return is possible and on that basis locking away some cash is a good idea. The excerpt is below:

‘‘There is an argument to go out one year at 4 per cent,” said Karl Deeter of ‘‘Locking it away is the downside. Rates are coming down, but banks might be so deposit-hungry that they keep savings rates up.”

TV3 The Morning Show 6th September 2011

Our regular piece on The Morning Show with Sybil & Martin was about debt forgiveness this week, great conversation in an easy to interpret manner.

Using cost accounting in your business: the High/Low method

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