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Inequality reigns, but does it matter?

This week I had the pleasure of attending a fascinating talk hosted by the think-tank PublicPolicy.ie, the topic was on income inequality in Ireland from 2006-2010 and the researchers were from University College Cork. The research is the first of it’s kind in Ireland and is using a new dataset which was made available by the Revenue Commissioners, it splits a sample of 1,400,000 workers into five categories or ‘quintiles’ based on their earned income. The findings then look at how much inequality there is in earnings by analysing this information.

Income inequality, is it getting better or worse as time passes by?

There are often strong arguments about the level of income inequality in any modern society, and it is seen as being a fundamentally bad thing (or at least I haven’t heard somebody who is trying to convince the world it is a good thing). However, this issue is not a modern one, and this is demonstrated by looking at the divergence from mean income that one would find in Roman society (see table below).