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Dealing with debt, how it actually works…

Currently you could say the world is divided into the ‘haves’ the ‘have nots’ and the ‘have not paid for what they haves’. Today I’ll explain how to deal with debt when you run into problems, to do this I interviewed a few trusted sources who work as actual collectors. This is such a huge topic that I’ll break it down into two halves, this week we look at the early stages of arrears. Getting into financial trouble doesn’t always come with a bang, often you drift into it over time due to paycuts, higher taxes and spent savings. This is our first area, it’s called ‘pre-arrears’ and it gets very little little attention.

News of the World: Advisors.ie on Credit Cards

CREDIT cards can be a godsend and a curse. I have a friend who doesn’t have one, so I used to wonder how he booked flights or bought anything online. Recently I discovered his secret — he just lets his wife put it all on her credit card, clever man.