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RTE 1 O’Clock News: ECB rate meeting

We were pleased to feature on the RTE 1 O’Clock news to talk about interest rates and the near term outlook as well as the effects that any change might have on Irish households. Rates remained unchanged at the most recent ECB meeting but that is widely expected to be a short term decision with a rate hike in July expected.

Irish Times: Homeowners wary of ECB rate hikes

Conor Pope wrote in the Irish Times: “It is probably going to be the first of several moves but how close those moves come together and how aggressive those moves are is something that remains to be seen,” says financial analyst and mortgage adviser Karl Deeter. “Unfortunately there is only a lower limit on interest, there is no upward limit and in theory rates can go as high as they want to. If you look at our total number of mortgages and the number that are in distress versus where we probably should be, it is clear that thus far the low rates have has actually served us well and saved the country from having a much larger problem,” Deeter says.