Tax Refunds for PAYE workers

There are literally billions in unclaimed PAYE tax credits sitting in the Revenue’s coffers. This happens because people don’t do their tax return (generally they are employees and don’t realise that this may be the case) and in turn they don’t get money back on things they can claim for such as medical expenses, dental bills, bin charges and other allowable expenses.

When doing a personal return you can actually go back four years so if you were due (for instance) €100 for this year and you had similar expenses for previous years then you could go back as far as 2006 and get all of that tax back in one lump sum payment.

We can do the processing on this for you, we have qualified accountants on site to assist you with the return, call 01 6790990 to find out more or email us (there is an enquiry option on the homepage).

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