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Half Rule sample letter for News of the World readers

Half Rule sample letter… Under Section 63 of the Consumer Credit Act 1995, I wish to exercise my right to terminate the above agreement under the ‘half rule’.
Please acknowledge receipt of this letter and forward details of what must be done to proceed and , I would ask that you do so in writing or by email.

News of the World: Money expert on Debt

IRELAND is in payback mode at the moment. As a country we’re experiencing “deleveraging”, which means that many people are using most of their money to pay back excessive borrowing. However, that practice only puts cash into the banking system and not the real economy.

News of the World

This week we looked at the issue of pensions and the fact that the real storm clouds on the horizon are not the NAMA, IMF/EU bailout or sovereign debt, but rather that of pension provision. The recent changes in the National Pensions Framework have gone some way towards addressing this but at some stage they will need to go farther or we will need a total re-think on pension provision, the final alternative being a total reduction in entitlements or massive contributions for qualification.

News of the World: Money Saving Expert on EU Gender Case

Our weekly column in the Irish News of the World is here. This week we looked at the EU gender directive case that was to be heard today and news is just in that it passed. This is interesting as it means that in the future that insurance companies will not be able to price people according to their sex, they will have to use other methods. This is interesting, many people accept that young males are ‘more risky’, but while this is statistically true it isn’t down to biology alone and for that reason they are saying you can’t use biology to underwrite, rather you will have to seek to pinpoint that risk and identify it then price it.

News of the World: Money Saving Expert – Golden Opportunity

There are five precious metals (we’ll exclude the precious radioactive ones): Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium, the last is the most expensive, when Barack Obama wanted to give Michelle a gift for having won the Presidency, he gave her a Rhodium ring. The others are all better known and you might even own some in the form of jewellery or in coins.

News of the World: Health Insurance

We had our weekly column in the Irish News of the World and this week we looked at health insurance. With health insurance companies raising rates aggressively it is time to reconsider your options and we covered all of them in this article. The ‘Hospital Saturday Fund’ is an interesting alternative that people don’t know about as are surgical discounters, well worth reading about!

News of the World: Life Assurance

We did a piece about life assurance for the Irish News of the World on the 30th of January.

The main thrust of the piece was to impress upon readers that life assurance is either not important, or very important indeed depending on your circumstances and family life. The other question is about how much you need – for that we advise using a professional who can work this out for you, we also disclosed how to get the ‘under the table’ prices by using a broker.

News of the World: Featuring Karl Deeter from

Our debut column for News of the World featured in last Sunday’s paper. We were delighted with the feedback, if you missed the piece you can find a copy of it here. We covered mortgages – a comfortable first topic because is a sister company of Irish Mortgage Brokers – but in the future we will cover every manner of personal finance you can think of! team up with News of the World

We are delighted to announce that we will be teaming up with the Irish News of the World in their money advice section ‘Irelands Money Saving Expert’, this is a welcome opportunity to share our financial know how with upwards of 130,000 readers across the nation. We hope you enjoy our pieces and find the information useful, if you have a personal finance query then be sure to email it to us and we can use it in the column (anonymity assured).