A better way for dealing with unemployment

I have mentioned in the past that it’s a real pity to have so much un-utilized talent as a result of unemployment, and for that reason it is worth asking whether or not the dole is the right solution for people when they lose a job. In terms of a support mechanism some kind of payment must be made, the foundation for welfare is widely accepted irrespective of your political beliefs. As for the way in which it works perhaps it should be changed where for the first three months you can look for a job but after that you have to be in full time training or full time working in order to receive your payment, effectively the state would become the ’employer of last resort’. This could prove problematic for childcare but some kind of support payment similar to the ‘free year’ prior to school attendance could be considered for people on ‘workfare’. The current unemployed are some of the most talented out of work people we have ever had, their talents should not be allowed to go to waste, but find me a politician who is willing to look for this? There aren’t any… Find me a person on the dole who’d rather be doing something meaningful with their time and it’s almost all of them, talk about misrepresentation!
(excerpt taken from the Sun on Sunday)

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