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Sunday Business Post mentioning Advisors.ie

Many Irish investors are guilty of failing to understand fully the risks involved in investment choices, according to Karl Deeter, head of client advice at Advisors.ie. ‘‘Sometimes the concept of a timeline is lost,” Deeter said. ‘‘People might invest in a medium-term product and are upset when it is down after year one, so they cash out at a loss.” According to Deeter, investors need to strike a balance between giving investments the recommended amount of time to perform and getting out at the right time. ‘‘People tend to hold on to bad investments too long or fail to book their gains when things go well,” he said.

Irish Examner: Advisors.ie on the topic of PRSA’s and the Pension Levy

Director of client advice firm, advisors.ie, Karl Deeter, said that ‘personal retirement savings accounts’ or PRSAs were created in an attempt to get more people to save for their retirement. He said they were billed as a universal solution with fixed fees and low costs, along with flexibility.