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RTE The Frontline: Household charge, 23rd January 2012

As far as a ‘system of taxation’ goes, we think that less income tax is a great idea, that instead site valuations and local costs or spending should be borne by the locality and paid to the local authority. That means that the Household Charge – while regressive – is the right type of tax being levied in the wrong way.

Irish Times: Karl Deeter & Jim Power mentioned in reference to their Pat Kenny show appearance

Wednesday’s Today with Pat Kenny (RTÉ Radio 1, weekdays) provided a more less heartening illustration of contemporary mores. The economist Jim Power and the mortgage broker Karl Deeter were in the studio to discuss AIB’s tentative debt-forgiveness proposals for distressed mortgage holders.

Today with Pat Kenny on RTE1: 13th April 2011 on Mortgage debt forgiveness

The enormity of the black hole facing banks and taxpayers is summed up by Economist David McWilliams today who says that “the banks will take €500 million a week out of the economy for the next two years”. It is a gloomy summary of our predicament – and a crisis that has squeezed homeowners, taxpayers and businesses. One sector has been given a glimmer of hope by AIB. The bank yesterday suggested that it might write off the debt of struggling borrowers. Debt forgiveness for those with mortgages they can’t repay. Joining Pat was Karl Deeter, Operations Manager with Irish Mortgage Brokers and Jim Power Chief Economist with Friends First.