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Sunday Independent: How much is your tracker worth to the bank?

“Getting rid of debt is a good idea, and the new Permanent TSB bonus scheme puts a sweetener on it,” said Karl Deeter, head of customer advice with the financial advisers, advisors.ie. “If you don’t have a rainy-day fund, this is not for you. If you have debt elsewhere that is at a higher interest rate, it is a bad idea.”

Sunday Independent: How much to give up your tracker?

You’ve a 25-year tracker mortgage of €250,000. If switching from your tracker rate of 2.25 per cent to the standard variable mortgage of 4.19 per cent, you would need a €47,000 payoff to break even, according to Karl Deeter, head of customer advice with advisors.ie. You would have to use this €47,000 to reduce the amount you are borrowing — so instead of borrowing €250,000, you borrow €203,000.