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Sun on Sunday – the Chicago Plan

Here’s a bailout worth considering…. f”34k the banks, and start a new one. This is not a novel idea, it’s called capitalism, one of the key things people bang on about is how ‘capitalism has failed’, it hasn’t, politicians have failed by putting national resources behind institutions that scarce warrant the unending support they have received. That we are starting to figure this out only AFTER we have spent all the money, so most of this is about spilt milk, but not all of the milk has been spilt, just this week we blew €600,000,000 on defunct and toxic Anglo (now ‘IBRC’) and on the 1st of October we’ll be blowing €1,000,000,000 on AIB.

RTE Primetime 30th November 2010, features Karl Deeter of Advisors.ie & Irish Mortgage Brokers

Karl Deeter of Advisors.ie & Irish Mortgage Brokers was featured on RTE’s Primetime on the 30th of November